Nintendo’s 2017 E3: My hopes and dreams

Good afternoon fellow readers! With Nintendo’s presentation at E3 coming up, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon with my very own wants for what I want to be revealed.

NOTE: My wishes are based on little to no evidence, and is just my own little sliver of hope.


The dream list:

  • Specific information for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. While they’re fresh out of the reveal oven, I’m still hungry for more, and anything even a little important will satisfy my hunger for news
  • Following the supposed leaks and rumors of a Mario and Luigi Super Star saga remake, I have put my priority of game playing on the original, in Wii U Virtual Console form
  • Sonic Forces, while not strictly Nintendo related, I would love to hear more and see more about the game
  • The future of Kirby. It was said there was a Kirby game in development, and I’d be more than happy with just a title and cover art.
  • Virtual Console status on the Switch. Do I have to rebuy it all? Do I have to pay a small fee to get access to ones I already have on 3DS and Wii U? PLEASE tell us Nintendo.
  • Finally, something out of the (big) blue. F-Zero, a good Metroid game, or something that goes like this: “Alright everyone that’s it…..oh wait we have just one more thing to show.” And everyone’s pants fly off.


My list is rather small, and only a few of those seem likely, or likely enough, but here you have it! Got your own dreams, or predictions for E3? Share them in the comments!


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