Why Nintendo?

It was my introduction to the gaming world. Around the year 2000 my father acquired an NES from a friend from work. I was only 5 at the time and not being really exposed to much TV or anything really technologically new and upcoming, anything completely new in my life interested me, as with any 5 year-old kid.


And you can bet I played the ever-living hell out of it. We had Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3. The Legend of Zelda 1 and 2. Duck Hunt, Doctor Mario, Looney Tunes, and much more I can’t remember. My favorite out of them was either Super Mario Bros. 3 or The original Super Mario Bros.


My new love for gaming grew even more. About 2 years after that same friend gave my father a Super NES, which I have more concrete memories of playing, and of course raging at. Super Mario World, Earthworm Jim, Aladdin, Tiny Tunes, Mario is Missing, and my favorite one, the not really a game but helped me the Super Gameboy. That time of life was also my introduction to Pokemon, an introduction to one of my favorite series of all time. With Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Pinball, the inner trainer grew at an insane speed.


The games were so colorful, the world was showing me something new. The catchy sounds and music from Link walking out a dungeon to the hitting sound of a fire-ball hitting a Goomba, are the sounds that will be in your mind for a life time.


I am HYPED for the Nintendo Switch and to see what it has to offer! Take care my reader, and may the mushrooms give you life.




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